Spoon With Me Turns One!

Today has been a year in the making.  If Spoon With Me were a newlywed, it would be eating the top tier of a defrosted cake with its sweetie.  If my blog was a toddler, it would be smearing rainbow-colored frosting all over its dimpled little face.  I can’t believe my little baby’s growing up.  That’s right–today, Spoon With Me turns one!  Here is an album of my favorite posts from each month of this past year:


Meyer Lemon Marmalade:  Little Jars of Sunshine in a Cold, Cold World


Goat Cheese, Pancetta and Chive Stuffed Mushrooms: Little Retro Rockstars


Sunday Granola


Mango Avocado salsa with Homemade Tortilla Chips


Limoncello granita with fresh raspberry sauce


Southwest Quinoa salad with Chile-Lime Vinaigrette


Sour Cherry Walnut Crisp


Cumin-Lime Toasted Black Bean Tostadas with Garden Tomato Salsa


“Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright” Tomato Soup


Spiced Maple Roasted Yams + Leek and Mushroom Wild Rice + Tangerine Ginger Cranberry Relish


Lemon-Garlic Infused Olive Tapenade with Rosemary Baguette Chips


Moroccan Lentil soup


Garlicky White Wine Mussels on an Unsuspecting Tuesday

Thank YOU for “spooning” with me this year…for reading, eating, caring, and commenting.  You have made every photo, word, and hour invested in this blog worthwhile.

(The photo directly above is by Kim of Element One Studio)



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14 responses to “Spoon With Me Turns One!

  1. Hey Jenny,
    I am continually impressed with the quality of your writing and gorgeous photography. You have REAL talent, and I hope to be reading for a long time to come.

    Don’t stop!!

  2. Auntie Karen

    Magnifique Jenny!!!! I look forward to your bright spoonful of joy each time it pops into my inbox. It makes me laugh, drool and realize that all things are possible! You are an amazing woman….congrats on a year full of spooning :))

  3. congratulations and happy anniversary! you have a beautiful blog. and those stuffed mushrooms look absolutely amazing! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Jen! Love the walk through from the beginning. But where are the crummy photos most of us have the first few months? You obviously knew what you were doing from day one. Continue to enjoy your site.

  5. One year of brilliance. Making the world come alive. Passion. Fun. Soul. Connection. Beauty. Innovation. TASTE!!!
    Thank you, Jenny, for showing all of us what is possible when you say yes to life and follow your heart.

  6. Happy Anniversary! It was mine this weekend too. 🙂

  7. Anna

    Congrats Jenny!!!!! We are sooo proud of you AND super excited for a new year full of tasty delights. Let the frosting smearing begin!

    • Maria Guest

      Happy Birthday to your blog!!!! Time flies by so quickly when you’re having fun. Looking forward to another year of fabulously yummy food!! I volunteer to be a taste tester anytime you need one 🙂
      Happy Birthday to the cute puppy in the photo too!

  8. Maxine Guest

    Congratulations on your one year achievement! Every creation gets better and better. To compare it with a toddler, you would probably still be changing diapers and washing sticky fingers. You wouldn’t have time for SPOON. Keep up the good work and those lemons look tastier each time you use them. I’m waiting for a Lover’s Dinner for Two recipe that’s simple and easy! I’m also waiting for that first edition to go into print. Good Luck.

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